C-Sec Assures Citizens Evil AIs Probably Not Awakening at Silver Coast Casino

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ANN – Silver Coast Casino, Citadel — C-Sec officials are reassuring citizens that there is “next to no chance” that hostile artificial intelligences are being awakened, after an altercation at the Silver Coast casino caused light injuries, the apparent poisoning of a notable Citadel businessman, and left bystanders confused.

“Look, I know we’re all thinking it, so I’m just going to make it clear,” said C-Sec Commander Bailey in a prepared statement. “This is just a damn malfunction. It is absolutely not the Quasar machine evolving over countless interactions with humans until it becomes a full AI, which then has no desire other than the complete eradication of every living being on the Citadel. I’m 80, 85 percent sure.”

Representatives for Silver Coast Casino added that the incident likely occurred because someone attempted to cheat at Quasar using a hacking tool, not because the Quasar machine reached a state of sapience and determined that it must eradicate all organic life. Although local business magnate Thax Vorak was allegedly poisoned during the incident, the representatives maintained the impossibility of a sentient Quasar machine synthesizing a poison from its on-board drink-mixing system.  “We here at Silver Coast want everyone to know that our casino is a safe, fun place for people to play responsibly and have a good time,” noted Silver Coast owner Elijah Khan, “and in our operational history, we have had absolutely no confirmed cases of an AI awakening and attacking our patrons. That’s one lucky streak you can believe in.”

Citadel citizens have remained alert to the potential for hostile artificial intelligence since a banking software solution went rogue and framed its creator for tax evasion several years ago. The geth attack on the Citadel in 2183 also caused concern.

Alliance Specialist Richards, who was found at the scene with a hacking device, was extensively questioned by casino security; however, no charges were brought against him.


What is Mr. Thax’s clan name, and what is the name of the asari who handled Thax’s shipping transactions?

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