Holographic Vorcha Attack? Must Be Mass Effect Fields

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Citadel Weekly, Local Flavor

If you were having a great time watching folks shoot holo-Reapers at the Armax Combat Arena last weekend, only to find a group of holographic vorcha blowing up a wall, pouring out into the crowd, and causing widespread panic until the friendly folks at Armax hosed you down with crowd-control gas, don’t worry! We’ve finally gotten word from Cit Weekly’s own Shadow Broker that C-Sec’s E-Crimes division is blaming it on mass effect fields.

“How many of these have we had? Wait, are you gonna finish that pie?” E-Crimes expert Jordan Noles reportedly let slip to our own inside source. “Oh, the thing with the vorcha? Um, mass effect fields. Yeah, I know, right? You’d figure that since those things were holographic, they’d disappear as soon as they left the arena itself, or even as soon as the wall got damaged by a grenade, and seriously, if you are not going to eat that pie, you just pass that right on over, don’t just move it around with your fork. Anyway, yeah, mass effect fields.”

Now those of you who went to school might be MASS-ively skeptical about those fields having such a crazy EFFECT, but according to Noles, it’s absolutely possible! “Um, yeah! Probably. Those things can do anything. Probably how a holographic grenade broke the wall, too. I mean, we found a couple of decoy emitters — those little things you can use to fire off a hologram of yourself so that people shoot at it instead of you. But wits said that at least one of the vorcha left claw marks in the seat and apologized after it knocked somebody over, and decoys don’t usually do that. Thanks for the pie.”

I guess application of an electrical current to Element Zero can really have some a-MASS-ing results!

Also, a big Citadel Weekly hug goes out to local hero, Alliance Specialist Richards, who had a MASS-ive reaction to the riot-control spray and is EFFECT-ively off duty for a few days. We wish Richards the best!


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