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September 14, 2186

Cerberus expansion deemed “significant threat”

By Iris Dunnigan


CITADEL – A report by the salarian Special Tasks Group, warning of the increasing danger of human-supremacist group Cerberus, is garnering attention in the halls of the Citadel Tower. ANN has agreed not to publish the classified report’s contents, but experts within the STG, speaking on condition of anonymity, warn that what was once considered a small and extremely select group has grown drastically in size and power. “There has always been a segment of the human population that believes the Council government is lying to them,” said one agent. “Cerberus exploits that fear.” A confiscated recruitment video included in the report states the Cerberus mentality plainly: “Other species may talk with us, trade with us, even live with us, but when a crisis comes, we are on our own.”

Critics of the report are quick to point out its flaws. “This report covers ground that Spectre intelligence has already covered,” said one Tower insider. ”We know Cerberus has the ability to field many troops, build a stealth frigate, and conduct groundbreaking research. It’s been clear for months, even years, that Cerberus is growing in numbers, but when it comes to how Cerberus are able to do all this, STG only says, ‘we don’t know yet.’ It is past the point where that is acceptable.”


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