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September 7, 2186

Migrant Fleet refuses Council inspectors

by Diana Allers


CITADEL — Diplomatic relations between the quarians and Citadel Council have chilled after the Migrant Fleet refused to consider visitation by Council weapons inspectors.

The move comes several months after the Migrant Fleet allegedly acquired dual-use ship materials, which could be used to create dreadnought-scale weaponry.

The allegations leveled by unnamed Spectres center around a battle over the Terminus world of Korlus. In a violent dispute, the Migrant Fleet fought Blue Suns mercenaries and when the fighting was done, took its fill of starship parts on or orbiting the planet.

Quarian representatives have so far been unapologetic.

“We have no embassy on the Citadel, and are no longer signatories to the Treaty of Farixen,” Admiral Han’Gerrel vas Neema said. “Our armaments are none of the Council’s business. Further, these worries are unfounded. We have never had, nor do we plan to have, hostile intent to Council species.”

Public reaction in Council space is vehement.

“The Migrant Fleet has always lived on the edge of criminality,” popular blogger Feyro Derlan said. “But adding an axial gun to a liveship that’s who-knows-how-many kilometers long? That’s not a cause for worry, that’s terror worth soiling your pants over.”


Diana Allers is a war correspondent who appears regularly on ANN’s “Battlespace.”


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