Suit Up: Building the Javelins of Anthem

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In Anthem, javelin suits equip pilots with superhuman abilities. Outside the walls of Fort Tarsis, this necessary tool enables you—a Freelancer—to explore and fight in a savage world.

When we showed Anthem to the world at EA PLAY, we wanted to offer a unique look at our javelins. What better way to do this than bring real-life Ranger, Storm, Colossus, and Interceptor suits with us? To pull it off, we asked Henchmen Studios to complete the builds, and they delivered in stunning detail.

Over a period of several months, Henchmen built the suits from the ground up, and we put together a video to give you a look into how it was done. Each suit is built to scale, with the Colossus checking in at a towering 8’3”. We think you’ll be as impressed with their work as we were.

Another look at the finished suits: