BioWare Fashion Show

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Video games and fashion shows might not immediately seem like an obvious pairing, but at PAX Prime this past August, they were a match made in geek-chic heaven.

Many BioWare community members have been asking for more diverse female clothing options, so BioWare’s Amanda Klesko (Associate Marketing Specialist) and Rob deMontarnal (Manager of Business Planning/Development) spearheaded a project with our partners at Think Geek Solutions. The goal: draw upon the familiar colors and lines of character outfits such as Leliana’s tunic, Shepard’s armor, and Tali’s iconic armor pattern to build a new product line. We wanted practical, affordable, and fashion-forward designs—in a wide variety of sizes and styles—that were inspired by the games and characters you know and love.


The result was a fresh clothing lineup we felt fans would really enjoy. To introduce the designs with a bit of panache, the new looks were debuted at a standing-room-only PAX Prime fashion show. We really appreciate everyone who came out to see the new collection, and we hope this was the first of many such events!

Some of the new designs are available on the BioWare store now, with more to come.