In Case You Missed It #4

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Welcome to “In Case You Missed It,” a biweekly recap of the latest and greatest floating around the BioWare social media universe.

After 9.5 years and more than three billion miles spent sailing through the Sol system, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft gave us the best look at Pluto we’ve had yet. We couldn’t resist pitching in.

We <3 space exploration.

Look who we ran into at Montreal and San Diego Comic Con! 

We had plenty of awesome conversations with fans on the road, and we are constantly blown away by how much effort and detail people put into their cosplay.  

KOTOR turned 12.

Has the #DAIMP community GONE TOO FAR?  

First it was Noobtella, now this…

Ever wanted to make your own item for Dragon Age: Inquisition?


Now is your chance. Until July 20th, we’re giving players the opportunity to come up with their very own relics. Winning entries may end up in future content for Inquisition. Find out more here.

That’s it, folks. Tweet us with photos, screencaps, anything BioWare-related that you think is cool, and we might include it in future installments.