And the Winners are…

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After months of planning, weeks of judging, and days of deliberation, we still couldn’t pick a winner.

We’d listened to thousands of entries, separated the good from the brilliant, and cast aside the brilliant to make way for the best – and even then there were too many to choose from.

Our voiceover director would cast her hands up in dismay and cry, “I can’t decide!”

There was talk of flipping coins. There were concerted efforts to find change. And then finally, in desperation, someone meekly suggested, “Can’t we just pick two winners?”

And so we are proud to announce the winners of the Take Your Place in the Inquisition contest: Steven Kelly and Rosie Bucknell. Both delivered fantastic performances and set the bar for their chosen scripts.

We’re looking forward to getting them into our London studio to record and to giving the rest of you a chance to meet them in game.