Lonely No More

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A few weeks ago, we sent out a plea for you to send us stuff to cover one of the walls in our Montréal studio. We posted it online, shared it through social media, then sat back and thought, “Well, hopefully that works.”

First came the emails full of cosplay on catwalks, stories about Shepard, and portraits of Mordin.

Then the mail carriers showed up with paintings, pictures, and even a framed needlepoint. Some were funny, others touching, and plenty sentimental. You showed us your Shepard, wrote letters about your experiences, and took Garrus for a day at the beach. It was a wonderful outpouring of support, and every day, we looked forward to seeing what else might come in.

And now that it’s all been counted, sorted, and arranged in a neat pile, all we have left to do is hang it up.

Thank you to everyone who helped us fill our lonely wall. It won’t be sad for much longer.