Dragon Age Week Community Message

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Welcome to Dragon Age Week!

Dragon Age Week is an exercise the Dragon Age team does to spur their creativity while they work to complete Dragon Age 3. While Dragon Age 3 is well underway with lots happening in its development, we believe in having our developers think outside the box every now and then.

Last week, the team was encouraged to think outside their normal roles and come up with new ideas for the Dragon Age universe overall. The only boundaries they were given was that the idea must be something related to Dragon Age, and it must be something cool.

This week we want to open Dragon Age Week to our Dragon Age community. We know you all have creative ideas for Dragon Age and we want to know how Dragon Age inspires you. Do you replay Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II making different choices? Do you create fan art of horrible fade demons? Do you read the Dragon Age comics and wish Morrigan or Fenris would appear? Are you baking Dragon Age cookies for the Arishok?

Let us know what you are doing for Dragon Age Week by Tweeting to @dragonage on Twitter with the hashtag #DAWeek. At the end of the week, we’ll share some of what the Dragon Age team came up with as part of their Dragon Age Week.

Let Dragon Age Week begin!