Mass Effect 3 MP Banner Contest Winners

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We’d like to thank everyone that entered our Mass Effect 3 multiplayer banner contest last week. We were positively overwhelmed by your participation and received hundreds of beautiful creations from fans all around the world!

Choosing the winning banners was no simple task, but after hours and hours of sifting through the entries with a fine-toothed comb (and maybe one or two minor scuffles), the ten banners below really stood out.

These banners will be added into the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode in the upcoming weeks, and you will be able to select these alternate designs from your account on the N7HQ website.

Banner: Combat Mastery
Designer: James Warwick






Banner: Earth Defender
Designer: Alexander Krasnov






Banner: N7 Mastery
Designer: Isabella Malara






Banner: Tech Mastery
Designer: Aaron Norton






Banner: Tech Mastery
Designer: Emily Warren






Banner: Biotic Mastery
Designer: Filip Stysiak






Banner: Cerberus Mastery
Designer: Kristen Coats






Banner: Council Operative
Designer: Marchenko Aleksey






Banner: Krogan Melee
Designer: Andrew Gordon






Banner: Lone Wolf
Designer: Joel Ruidera