Operation: Fortress

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Welcome to the latest N7 Challenge Weekend, where we give our amazing community a special multiplayer mission for some great in-game perks. Starting tonight (Friday, March 23), you can join your friends online tonight between 5pm PST and 5am PST on Monday, March 26, and prepare to take Earth back.

Operation:  FORTRESS

With Reaper forces beaten back, relief efforts are under way in the newly-taken territory.

During this period, Reaper enemies will be severely depleted and there will be far fewer brutes than usual.

All players will get +25% experience over the weekend as Citadel Allied Command reviews the lessons of Operation Goliath and uses them to train new forces.

Looking ahead: Admiral Hackett has put out the call for advanced combatants among the N7 squads. These troops are being marshaled for an upcoming elite operation. Experience under fire leads to promotions….

Welcome to the next N7 multiplayer weekend!

Last weekend the community joined together to push back the reapers in Operation Goliath. With over 3 million brutes killed, their numbers have been decimated. Expect to encounter far fewer this weekend.

As a reward for that outstanding performance, join your friends online between 5 PM PST Friday, March 23 and 5 AM PST Monday, March 26, to reap the rewards of last weekend’s successful offensive with a 25% XP bonus.

–          All enemies.
–          All maps.
–          All challenge levels.
–          All platforms (PS3 included).
–          All weekend.

To participate, you will need to play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer during the listed time period. That’s it.  The bonus applies to all XP earned. Gather your squad and take advantage! You’ll want to be leveled up for next weekend’s event…

+25% experience. Now’s the time to shoot for level 20 with your favorite character, or build up your N7 rating!

Author: BioWare Community Team

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