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From: Alliance News Network Information Partners
September 21, 2186
Flood of batarian traffic brings rumors of war
By Shirin Kazemi

UTOPIA SYSTEM – A massive influx of batarian ships is raising tensions in the Exodus Cluster, putting Alliance forces on high alert. According to Alliance officials, the ships came from the batarian-held Harsa relay with minimal warning, some barreling right through. The Alliance reportedly fired on some of the ships with the intent to disable them.

“It’s a miracle any of them are still alive,” one human frigate captain said. According to the batarians, they are neither invaders nor defectors, but refugees. They claim a hostile species has attacked the Hegemony’s fleet, bombarding Khar’shan and other batarian planets.

With the Harsa comm buoy system crippled, communication is sporadic at best between far-flung batarians and their government on Khar’shan. Some refugees claim the attackers were Council. Others blame the geth or even the rachni. All report that the enemy, in whatever form, is blockading the relay, destroying most spacecraft trying to make it through. The refugees are not solely civilians. Hegemony Commander, Eruz Mathat, who is under guard while his cruiser is inspected, was blunt in his assessment of the situation. “I never thought I would say this to the human navy,” he said, “but we need you.”

-Shirin Kazemi contributes to ANN’s Eden Prime telecast “The Apple” and the Constant Times.