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by Ethan Levy

For Dragon Age fans, one of the most exciting parts of Dragon Age Legends is the ability to earn unique unlock items for your hero in Dragon Age 2.  We have collaborated with BioWare to develop a set of five items you can unlock in Dragon Age 2 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.  We’ll let you know how you can earn each of these items in the future, but for now we wanted to explain a little bit about how these items were designed.

For the back story of Dragon Age Legends, we needed to create a hero who was a renowned demon hunter.  We wanted this mythical hero, Evra, to be truly badass.  So we made the request “Could you give us a ring that one would use to punch demons in the face?”  BioWare did not disappoint.

Evra’s Might

When Evra gained notoriety by defeating the Blood Sisters of Vehnstel, he was wearing his signature ring. Although the massive size of the solid gold ring attracts attention, it served a more practical purpose for Evra: he used it to punch demons in the face, sometimes felling them in a single blow.

Evra’s Trophy Belt

This grisly belt is filled with monstrous teeth, chipped blades, scraps of fur, and armor fragments. Each piece is said to be a trophy collected by Evra during his many adventures.

Air of Confidence

After averting a disaster at the Circle of Markham, Evra was given this ring by the First Enchanter. Though the Air of Confidence is not as eye-catching as his other famous ring, it is said that Evra always wore it, even when sleeping. The exact magical properties of the Air of Confidence are a subject of much speculation amongst minstrels.
We wanted our other two items to tie into the fiction of our previous collaboration with BioWare, Dragon Age Journeys.  These two items – the Ivo Family Crest and Dura’s Blue Flame – play a part in the narrative of our back burner project, finishing the story of Dragon Age Journeys.  For fans who completed the first chapter of Journeys, you should note that we slightly changed the name of the item from “Durus’ Blue Flame” to “Dura’s Blue Flame”.  It is just plain easier to pronounce.

Ivo Family Crest

Evolving over the years, the crest of House Ivo has become much more ornate than Paragon Ivo’s original design. This ancient golden amulet bears the original crest. Though the engravings are simple, the stark lines are somehow deeply stirring.

Dura’s Blue Flame

This weathered silver amulet has passed through many hands over the years. A deep blue sapphire almost glows in a certain light. Although time has faded its intricate engravings, the amulet has a certain majesty about it.

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