Toolset Community Contest

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One of the rewards of releasing a game like Dragon Age: Origins is releasing the toolset, so modders can extend the Dragon Age experience by crafting new adventures, models and game features to share with the world. Starting this week, I’ll be taking a look at the toolset community and the mods they create, and featuring them on the BioWare Blog.

Members of the Dragon Age Toolset community have taken the initiative to promote the use of the toolset and encourage new modders to learn the craft by holding the Community Contest. This is an ongoing contest open to all modders, experienced and new alike, consisting of various categories to allow participants to focus on their own areas of interest. You can win prizes, including DLC releases from BioWare, gift cards from the BioWare Store, gift cards for and more.

For more information on the Community Contest, visit the Community Contest Wiki Page. The winners of the first contest categories focusing on Settlements and Prop Models have been announced, and you can download all of the entries from Dragon Age Nexus. But there is still time to enter the Head Morph, Character, and Mini-Game/Puzzle categories.

To learn more about the Community Contest, join the Community Contest Group on the BioWare Social Network. We’d like to thank mikemike37, TimelordDC and Dragon Age Nexus and the BioWare Social Network toolset community for their time and effort in holding the contest. We’re looking forward to checking out the creative works of all who enter!