Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 9 Notes

The upcoming Patch 9 for Dragon Age: Inquisition contains a number of bug fixes and improvements to multiplayer.

Patch 9 introduces Pala, the Silent Sister, a new playable multiplayer character. A member of the Silent Sisters of Orzammar, Pala is a zealous dwarven warrior with an unwavering dedication to the art of war. Pala willingly chose exile to join the Inquisition in its perpetual struggle against the enemies of Thedas.

In addition, some platform-specific issues were resolved, including graphical issues for PC users with AMD Crossfire dual GPU and Mantle.

Patch notes in other languages available here.


Dragon Age™: Inquisition Patch 9


Fixed an issue where resetting options of any category could also reset the game difficulty.

Fixed an issue which could cause Multiplayer potions to be consumed if target mode was entered and cancelled.

Fixed an issue which could cause the Yavanalis staff headpiece to not display in Multiplayer.

Added a hot key for Salvage in Multiplayer.

Fixed some issues that caused some localized text to not fit in their proper display areas.

Fixed an issue that could cause XP and other stats to double in Multiplayer.

[PC] Fixed an issue which could cause on-screen flickering when using AMD Crossfire dual GPU and Mantle.

[Xbox One] Fixed unnecessary “online connection” popup at game launch

[PS4] Fixed an issue which could cause the game to become unresponsive when losing connection while joining a full Multiplayer session.


Chasing Dragons with the BioWare Audio Team

Our audio team doesn’t like to rest on its laurels. They do more than cook up audio for our games from their desks—they get out into the field to record sound straight from the source. This time they hit it big, finding themselves on the heels of a High Dragon.

Character Kit Compendium

Whether you’re a cosplayer, illustrator, painter, animator, photographer, or any other manner of creator, you’ll find everything you need to make your favorite Dragon Age: Inquisition characters come to life with these character kits. We at BioWare are humbled and inspired by the Andrastian effort you put into your fan creations. This our way of saying thank you—and kindly encouraging you to go make some more.

We’re not quite done making kits, so check back for more.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

In Case You Missed It #5

Welcome to “In Case You Missed It,” a biweekly recap of the latest and greatest floating around the BioWare social media universe.

Two new videos, fresh from the video mill:

Will Cody come back from the dead and have his vengeance?

The BioWare Montreal team is hard at work building new places for you to explore. We look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

Looks like someone sided with the Templars:

Coincidence? Nah:

A dose of creativity and craftiness in Mass Effect and Dragon Age style, courtesy of our amazing fans:

We’ve consolidated all of our character kits so you can find them in one place:

Whether you’re a cosplayer or other manner of fan creator, we hope this proves to be a useful resource. We’re not done making kits yet, so stay tuned for more. Got a kit you’d like to see? Let us know on the Twitter.

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