Stepping Into San Diego Comic Con

The Golden State beckoned, and we’ve heeded its call. Catch us in sunny San Diego for Comic Con July 9-12.

You can find us at Dark Horse Booth 2615, where we’ll have a Dragon Age– and Mass Effect–themed photo booth. Come show off your cosplay or get some pics with your friends. We’ll also be taking part in a panel and some signings throughout the weekend:


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Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 8 Notes

In the current Patch 8 for Dragon Age: Inquisition, our focus is on introducing new multiplayer features, improvements to overall multiplayer stability, and a new Save Importer feature for migrating single-player save games and multiplayer data to new consoles.

Players have been asking for a bigger multiplayer challenge, so we’ve created Nightmare difficulty, a step up from Perilous in every way. We’ve also introduced a number of new and rare high-level weapons, some from the Avvar clans.

Players can now step into the Proving Grounds, a new tutorial level that allows you to test your class, abilities, and load-out before stepping into the heat of a multiplayer battle. Proving Grounds is accessible from the class-selection screen.

Upgrading your console? We’ve added a Save Importer feature that allows players to migrate their single-player save games and multiplayer data to PlayStation®4 or Xbox One so they can keep playing without having to start over from scratch. Full details here.

Patch notes in other languages to come.


Dragon Age™: Inquisition Patch 8


Introduced the Save Importer feature, allowing players to migrate their single-player save games and multiplayer data to current-gen consoles. Click here for more details.

[Multiplayer] Introduced new and rare high-level weapons, including some from the Avvar clans.

[Multiplayer] Introduced one new T4 accessory.

[Multiplayer] Introduced Proving Grounds, a new tutorial level accessible from the class-selection screen.

[Multiplayer] Introduced Nightmare difficulty, a step up from Perilous.

[Multiplayer] Fixed an issue that caused the Multiplayer menu to be reloaded after a quick match failure.

[Multiplayer] Fixed an issue when using Reset Ability Points with a full inventory.

[Multiplayer] Fixed an issue which could prevent Multiplayer maps from streaming in during high latency matches.

[Multiplayer] Fixed the text for the Challenge “Relentless Pursuit” to list the correct Multiplayer character.

[PS4] Fixed a crash when playing while installing relating to the Flames of the Inquisition items.

[PS4] Fixed an issue that prevented joining a Multiplayer game via PS4 Friends List

In Case You Missed It #3

Welcome to “In Case You Missed It,” a biweekly recap of the latest and greatest floating around the BioWare social media universe.

After seeing your reaction videos to #MEAndromeda, we got meta and recorded a reaction of our own.

Let con season begin!

Are Cassandra and Leliana angry ’cause they’re in the wrong universe, or are they just focused on blowing up some husks?

Billy died one time too many during our last #DAIMP stream, so the community gave him the title of Noobtella. Remember to use your health potions, Billy. A+ Photoshop work from Luana.

June 26 was an important step forward for equality and one we’re thrilled to see.

That’s it, folks. Tweet us with photos, screencaps, anything BioWare-related that you think is cool, and we might include it in future installments.

Meet Us at Montréal Comiccon

We’ve booked our tickets, packed our bags, and we’re on the move. The first stop on BioWare’s summer con tour is Montréal Comiccon. Come find us at booth 1011, where you can share your gaming stories and get some swag signed by our devs. We’re also hosting two panel discussions, so come up with your best questions and we’ll be happy to answer them. See you in la métropole July 3 to 5!


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Cole Character Kit


He is a ghost in the shadows, walking unnoticed through crowds. He can slit an enemy’s throat before they even realize he’s there, and slip away, never to be seen again. Those few who do notice him soon forget he ever existed… and Cole isn’t certain that he does exist. He is a spirit, impossibly caught between the immaterial realm of the Fade and the confusing realities of our physical world, but does that make him real? Does it make him human or a demonic pretender, as some believe?

All Cole knows for certain is that the world is full of pain and he must find his place within it. Those who wish to restore order and help the helpless will find him a strange but unwavering ally. Those who use their power for selfish reasons may never see Cole again—if they remember that he was there to begin with.

Download the kit here.

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Full Body


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