Under the Horns

Meet the voice behind the Iron Bull! Freddie Prinze Jr. tells us what it’s like to take on the mantle of the biggest, baddest, toughest mercenary in all of Thedas.

Lonely No More

A few weeks ago, we sent out a plea for you to send us stuff to cover one of the walls in our Montréal studio. We posted it online, shared it through social media, then sat back and thought, “Well, hopefully that works.”

First came the emails full of cosplay on catwalks, stories about Shepard, and portraits of Mordin.

Then the mail carriers showed up with paintings, pictures, and even a framed needlepoint. Some were funny, others touching, and plenty sentimental. You showed us your Shepard, wrote letters about your experiences, and took Garrus for a day at the beach. It was a wonderful outpouring of support, and every day, we looked forward to seeing what else might come in.

And now that it’s all been counted, sorted, and arranged in a neat pile, all we have left to do is hang it up.

Thank you to everyone who helped us fill our lonely wall. It won’t be sad for much longer.


And the Winners are…

After months of planning, weeks of judging, and days of deliberation, we still couldn’t pick a winner.

We’d listened to thousands of entries, separated the good from the brilliant, and cast aside the brilliant to make way for the best – and even then there were too many to choose from.

Our voiceover director would cast her hands up in dismay and cry, “I can’t decide!”

There was talk of flipping coins. There were concerted efforts to find change. And then finally, in desperation, someone meekly suggested, “Can’t we just pick two winners?”

And so we are proud to announce the winners of the Take Your Place in the Inquisition contest: Steven Kelly and Rosie Bucknell. Both delivered fantastic performances and set the bar for their chosen scripts.

We’re looking forward to getting them into our London studio to record and to giving the rest of you a chance to meet them in game.

BioWare Base 2014 Season

We’re pleased to announce our North America Community Team “BioWare Base” conventions for 2014 after a thrilling PAX East last month! If you’re attending any of these conventions, we hope you’ll join us for panels, activities, and the return of the Dragon Egg Hunt!

PAX East


San Diego Comic Con

PAX Prime

Montreal Comic Con

Edmonton Expo


This list may change and Dragon Age: Inquisition will likely be at other events not listed here.

If you don’t see your favorite convention represented this time, never fear, we’re currently looking at events for our 2015 season. If there’s an event you think we should be at, tweet @bioware & @jessicamerizan to let us know! We’ll also have online components for many conventions so everyone at home can virtually partake in activities!

Hope to meet some of you IRL this year!

All a stir for Alistair

Steve Valentine, the voice of Alistair, isn’t just the king of Ferelden—he’s the king of our hearts. His smooth accent is unmistakable, which is probably why so many Dragon Age fans recognize him on sound alone.
He’s had nothing but positive interactions with our fans at conventions and in public—that is, until he met our community manager, Jessica Merizan.
Swooning, it turns out, is also bad.