Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 11 Notes

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In Patch 11 for Dragon Age: Inquisition, our efforts focused primarily on improving game stability and addressing bugs related to the Trespasser DLC. Multiplayer also saw some fixes, including the removal of single-player portraits appearing in multiplayer for some players. Red Lyrium Weapons, previously only available to players who completed the Quest for the Red Lyrium Reapers mini-game on the Dragon Age: Inquisition website, are now available to all players in a Special Delivery Chest.

Patch notes in other languages available here.


Dragon Age™: Inquisition Patch 11


Increased the duration final slides in Trespasser are displayed.
Improved stability.
Fixed an issue that reduced the damage of Explosive Shot.
Fixed an issue where auto-level selected certain hidden abilities.
Fixed an issue where Cassandra was incorrectly referencing the player’s romantic interest in the Winter Palace.
Fixed an issue that caused the Horn of Valor effect to not apply when granted via an item.
Fixed an issue with Shokra-taar and Antaam-saar armors for Iron Bull.
Fixed an issue that prevented a quest item from dropping in Trespasser when using Spirit Mark on a specific enemy.
Fixed an issue that reduced the frequency of the Veilfire Multiplayer event.
Fixed an issue that could cause Single-Player portraits to be visible in Multiplayer.
Fixed a crash with the Lunge and Slash ability.
Fixed an issue where Gaspard was being referenced as being the ruler of Orlais when it should be Celene.
Fixed an issue that prevented AI controlled characters from toggling the Line in the Sand ability off when upgraded with Everlasting Barricade.
Fixed an issue that prevented progress through the final combat of Trespasser when using Tactical Camera