In Case You Missed It #1

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Welcome to “In Case You Missed It,” a biweekly segment where we recap all the latest and greatest things floating around in the BioWare social media universe. In our inaugural edition, we look at #BioWare20, some character kits we’ve been working on, a contest (oooh, prizes!), and a particularly stylish Inquisition.

On May 22, fans across the globe shared their favorite BioWare moments to celebrate our 20th anniversary with the hashtag #BioWare20.

The overwhelming number of tweets sharing memories and messages of thanks reminded us why we love making video games. BioWare fans are the best!   

With con season ramping up, we’re working to get more character kits in the hands of cosplayers.

If you want to check out all the kits we’ve made so far, click here.

Pull up your boots and get ready for a stroll across Thedas. There are prizes to be won.

Solve the riddles, find the landmarks, and take a screenshot of your Inquisitor in front of them. The Great Thedas Landmark Search is on until June 12.  

+10 style points, because the Punquisition is strong with this one.

How do you prefer to style your squad? Tweet us your pictures.

Who’s the cool guy?

If you haven’t seen Blair before, he’s one of the co-hosts of #DragonsNDonuts, our weekly DA:I multiplayer livestream. Every Friday at 10AM PST, catch him, Billy, and Luke making fun of each other at Because donuts. (gif credit to @LimmeMonnie)

Annnd we’ll just leave this one here.

That’s it for this edition of “In Case you Missed It.” Tweet us with photos, screencaps, anything BioWare-related that you think is cool and we might include it in future installments.