Keeping Up With the Keep

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The Dragon Age Keep is all about letting you shape and share your Dragon Age experience the way you see fit, and we have been listening to your feedback on how to make it better. In our latest release, we introduce a number of features that give you more customizability and control over your Dragon Age legacy, including your heroes, world states, and career.

Customize Your Heroes

You know your Warden, Hawke, and Inquisitor better than anyone, and a default portrait just won’t do. If you’ve been unable to sync your characters to the Keep or you’d just like to change how they look, you can now upload a custom portrait.

Dragon Age: Inquisition heroes can also be deleted from the Hero section.


Remove Playthrough States

Pesky playthrough states can now be deleted from the World State Manager. You can keep up to 100 different states; new states created above that limit will rewrite the oldest ones.

Spoiler Toggle

Whether you’re on your first or fifth playthrough of Inquisition, the decisions you make are recorded to the Keep. We’ve added the ability to toggle spoilers, letting you see all possible plot decisions in Inquisition—if you want!—so you can customize them. Want to prepare your ideal Inquisition playthrough? By adjusting the course of events in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II¸ you can see how your choices will impact Inquisition.

Spoiler Toggle

Career Unlock

The Keep is useful for keeping track of what you’ve attained throughout your Dragon Age career. If you’ve been unable to update the Keep with the different challenges, accomplishments, and rewards you’ve received in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, the Request Unlock feature allows you to make the Keep consistent with your game.

Note: these will only be unlocked in the Keep and will have no effect on your game state.


Need some help learning how to use these and other Keep features? Check out our forums or watch our tutorial video:

The Last Court

Finally, we want to remind Keep users hungry for more lore to try The Last Court. A text-based RPG crafted by our partners at Failbetter Games, The Last Court will test your mettle as the ruler of Serault in the farthest reaches of Orlais. Completing The Last Court unlocks a mission on the war table that gives you a shiny new stained-glass reward for Skyhold.