Dragon Age Art Selected for 2013 Into the Pixel

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We are pleased to announce that art from Dragon Age has been selected as a winner for the 2013 Into the Pixel contest! Into the Pixel is an annual celebration of the artwork in interactive entertainment.

Please join us in congratulating BioWare artists Nick Thornborrow and Matt Rhodes for their outstanding work on this piece, titled The Chant.

The_ChantFrom Matt Rhodes:

“Fleshing out the cultures and religions of the Dragon Age world has been a rare treat. We’ve been allowed to free our inner art history nerds. Nick’s attention to detail and craft are fantastic but it was his respect for the story-telling and history that make The Chant really shine. We’re thrilled and honored that enough people feel the same way that it was chosen for Into the Pixel.”

From Nick Thornborrow:

The Chant is the prevailing mythology in many cultures found in the world of Dragon Age. Its characters and imagery become touchstones when we’re defining a cultures visual style. The same iconography appears in a variety of styles and mediums such as tapestries, frescoes, paintings and sculpture, depending on the culture. In this case, each piece of stained glass was designed separately and then composited together by Matt to depict what an Orlesian chantry might look like.”

The Chant will be featured on display during the upcoming 2013 E3 expo in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit the official website of Into the Pixel.