Operation: OLYMPUS Success!

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From: Admiral Steven Hackett
Re: Operation OLYMPUS
Confidentiality Classification: XB-PRIME
Distribution: N7 Forces Only

Soldiers of the Milky Way –

I am pleased to report that Operation OLYMPUS has netted us extremely valuable intel. With N7 troops engaging the enemy, the Resistance was able to lure a Reaper destroyer into a kill zone and bring it down. They were able to retrieve portions of its memory databases before withdrawing from the battlefield.

While we do not yet know what this new data will reveal, rest assured it will be put to good use. I don’t need to tell you that logs from a Reaper’s memory could prove invaluable. If we can decipher when and why it received the orders it did, we can start to predict their battle strategies, and that improves our chances both on Earth and throughout the galaxy.

The geth viewed the Reapers as gods, creatures beyond our understanding. We know that’s not true. We may not have knocked them off their pedestal today, but we have come one step closer to seeing them fall.

— Admiral Hackett

Quite the amazing rally guys!

Bronze total: 253,408
Silver total: 206,386
Gold total: 89,198

As a reward for such an Olympic effort there’s a special something in the pack for you. 🙂