Operation Mastiff

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Operation Mastiff

Operation MASTIFF (June 8th-10th)
We are dropping the new reinforcements onto occupied worlds to supplement resistance movements. Retrieving data of how the Reapers conquered those worlds is of paramount importance.

Allied Goal: Complete 100K retrieval missions.
Personal Goal: Extraction on Silver difficulty with one squad member of the Rebellion Pack classes: Vorcha, Phoenix Project Defectors, or Quarian Male.
Special Circumstance: None.

Completion of the personal goal awards that player a Commendation Pack.
Completion of the Allied goal awards all players a Victory Pack that has a guaranteed N7 weapon.

Operation Mastiff begins at 6pm PST Friday June 8th and ends at 4am PST Monday June 11th.
Packs will be distributed Tuesday evening if the mission is successful.