Mass Effect 3 – Better with Kinect

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The other week, some of us went to Las Vegas to demo Mass Effect 3 with Kinect to the press. We think it adds some extra fun and strategy for those of you who have a Kinect at home. Don’t worry if you don’t, however, the game is still fully functional and will be a completely immersive experience regardless of how you play.

Below is a video we put together showcasing people’s reactions to the feature.


And if you’d like to see a demonstration, here’s product manager Nick Clifford showing Kinect features to IGN.

And here’s what the press had to say:

  • Fluid, simple, and most importantly, natural. Kinect with Mass Effect 3, while optional, doesn’t feel like a bolted-on gimmick. It feels right.” – Gizmodo
  •  “I had the opportunity to play the demo for myself, and I came away impressed by what I saw.”IGN
  • “Having played some of it for ourselves at CES last week, it’s clear that BioWare’s done a good job of getting the technology to play nicely with its sci-fi shooter action sequences.”GameSpot
  • “Kinect for Mass Effect 3 is cool, useful, and solid; not vital to the enjoyment of the game or anything, but definitely a cool bit of extra flavor.”G4TV
  •  “…a more satisfying experience and a stronger personal connection to the virtual characters flanking me in combat.”CNet
  • “The bigger benefit to using the voice controls in Mass Effect 3 was in the flow of combat. Action felt more fluid, since players don’t need the Power Wheel as much to navigate and pause battles.”

If you’re interested, you can experience Kinect in our ME3 single-player demo which will be available on February 14th! You can also try out the multiplayer portion on February 17th (with early access open on Feb. 14th).

This is going to be a Valentine’s Day full of a lot of love!

Also, yelling “James – Carnage!” never gets old.

I should go.