The 5th Annual CMPUT 250 Game Development Awards

By: Shanda Wood, Recruiter and University Relations Specialist

For the past 6 months I have had the great opportunity to attend the CMPUT 250 class during presentations and lectures, and I have witnessed the student’s desire and passion for the gaming industry.

For years, BioWare has helped to inspire and educate game design students at the University of Alberta. Numerous members of the BioWare staff participate in lectures, Q&A sessions, studio tours and panels for students interested in this industry.

The CMPUT 250 class is a multidisciplinary course that brings student teams together to create a video game using BioWare’s Neverwinter Nights engine. Each semester, groups of six students from different backgrounds (art, writing, programming, audio) produce an original game design.


On April 23, 2013, the class celebrated their achievements at the 5th Annual Computing Science 250 Game Development Awards. The teams showcased their products to a panel of judges who chose winners for various categories: Excellence in Art and Design, Excellence in Writing and Story, Audio Achievement, Technical Achievement, and finally, Game of the Year.

Edmonton’s General Manager Aaryn Flynn, said the studio has only enhanced their support for the course as it helps students from different programs, get involved with all aspects of game design in a team environment. Aaryn added, “We really like that CMPUT 250 has adopted that approach because it is representative, more or less, of what you’d find in a studio like ours. All the challenges you guys face are almost identical to those you’ll face building multi-million dollar games like we do with Dragon Age and Mass Effect.”


Team Platypus, pictured below, won the prestigious Game of the Year award with their game “Morph.”


The team took home collector’s editions of Mass Effect 3 signed by the game’s developers.


BioWare recognizes all the hard work and passion that the students have put into their games and we want to congratulate them on their achievements this year.  We look forward to many more award ceremonies to come.

BioWare Goes to School

Today we had the great opportunity to meet at the University of Alberta for the CMPUT 250 panel. We had a fantastic turnout, where our BioWare team was able to speak to a large multidisciplinary group of Computer Science students for a little over an hour. The students were eager to ask and learn about BioWare, and they addressed everything from project management to internships.

All in all the event went very well, and it was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement from the students. Vadim, who is the Professor and organizer for the class, said that this panel was by far one of the best events he has had with BioWare, and added that he couldn’t be more pleased with how great BioWare has been for these sessions. We will continue to work closely with Vadim in the future to ensure we are continuing to build our strong relationship with the University.

CMPUT 250: Winter 2013 Admissions

It’s that time of year again, and BioWare is proud to support another semester of CMPUT 250! The University of Alberta offers a fantastic course for students with a passion for video games, and the aspiration to create them. This course was built to provide a broad perspective and technical knowledge related to many aspects of gaming and game development. It brings together students from arts, sciences and engineering who work in teams building their own games as the term project.

BioWare believes whole-heartedly in this program, and our staff participates in many aspects of CMPUT 250. From lectures to Q & A sessions to BioWare tours to critiquing student-made game trailers, students receive expert guidance and advice from various members of our team, spanning a wide range of departments and specialties.

More information about CMPUT 250 can be found HERE

Admissions for the Winter 2013 section are open now. APPLY ON-LINE

Good luck to everyone, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Your hard work and dedication will shape the future of game design.