Following the Hunt from Gamescom to PAX

Inquisition scouts came by the Green Ronin booth at Gen Con to take on the Tevinter warrior challenge. There they found copies of the Dragon Age RPG Set 1 Game Master’s Guide and a series of 12 questions:

In the Tevinter Imperium, it is mages that rule. The old families, known as the altus, are nobles and mages both. The warriors come from the soporati, the commoner class, and they will never have the prestige of the altus in their homeland. A Tevinter warrior could really make a name in the Inquisition, though, especially if such a warrior could find a dragon egg. Such a task requires more than fighting skill, however. So, Inquisition scout, get ready for a challenge!

Take a handout and look at the list on the back. Flip through the pages of the Set 1 Game Master’s Guide of the Dragon Age RPG to find the numbers that fit the descriptions of the tasks in that list. The number you get after adding or subtracting the value you find in the book corresponds to a letter of the alphabet (A=1, B=2, etc.); if you reach the end of the alphabet, wrap around to the front. These letters will reveal a move that every warrior should know, which is your answer.

  1. Start with the basic test difficulty of Imposing.
  2. Add the bonus when the attacker is on higher ground.
  3. Apply the penalty to Dexterity from a Giant Spider’s poison bite stunt.
  4. Add the Speed of an Avvarian Hunter.
  5. Add the Dalish Raider’s defense.
  6. Subtract the maximum damage from a bite from a Giant Rat.
  7. Add the Dragonling’s attack roll bonus for its fire gout.
  8. Subtract the number of dice in damage that you suffer if you fall from Bloodcrow Bridge.
  9. Apply the bonus if the defender is unaware of the attack.
  10. Add the Bronto’s attack roll bonus for its Gore.
  11. Apply the Shade’s Strength.
  12. Add the age of the Harn and Kelsa’s oldest son, Dorn, apprenticed to Coalan the smith.

If you’ve got a copy of the Dragon Age RPG Game Master’s Guide, you can test your mettle and see if you’ve got what it takes to solve this challenge.

From August 29 to September 1 in Seattle, you can tackle the Ferelden, Starkhaven, and Chantry challenges, the latter of which can be found online. See you at PAX Prime!

BioWare at GaymerX2


We’re excited to return to GaymerX again for another year to celebrate its inclusive mantra #EveryoneGames! If you’re planning on attending the convention, here’s a rundown of panels and signings where you can find David Gaider, Jessica Merizan, Robyn Theberge, Karin Weekes, and Patrick Weekes throughout the weekend. For those of you at home, we’re hoping to record and upload some coverage of the event to share with you.

Friday July 11

  • Opening Ceremonies & Keynote (with David Gaider, 9:55AM Grand Ballroom)

Saturday July 12

  • Yes, And? An Improvised Approach to Inclusion (with David Gaider, 12:00PM Room A)
  • Meet BioWare’s David Gaider (2:00PM Room B)
  • Building a Better Romance (with David Gaider, Jessica Merizan, Robyn Theberge, Karin Weekes, Patrick Weekes; 3:30PM Room A)

Sunday July 13

  • Freaking out the Neighbors (with David Gaider, Jessica Merizan, Robyn Theberge, Karin Weekes, Patrick Weekes; 11:00AM Room A)
  • BioWare Developer Signing (with David Gaider, Robyn Theberge, Karin Weekes, Patrick Weekes; 1:00PM Room C)

You can find the entire schedule here! Enjoy some of our panels from last year here!


BioWare Base 2014 Season

We’re pleased to announce our North America Community Team “BioWare Base” conventions for 2014 after a thrilling PAX East last month! If you’re attending any of these conventions, we hope you’ll join us for panels, activities, and the return of the Dragon Egg Hunt!

PAX East


San Diego Comic Con

PAX Prime

Montreal Comic Con

Edmonton Expo


This list may change and Dragon Age: Inquisition will likely be at other events not listed here.

If you don’t see your favorite convention represented this time, never fear, we’re currently looking at events for our 2015 season. If there’s an event you think we should be at, tweet @bioware & @jessicamerizan to let us know! We’ll also have online components for many conventions so everyone at home can virtually partake in activities!

Hope to meet some of you IRL this year!

BioWare at GeekGirlCon

The leaves are changing from green to gold, and that can only mean one thing: GeekGirlCon is almost here! This year’s event will take place on October 19th and 20th in Seattle, Washington.


BioWare is honored to attend GeekGirlCon alongside our partners at EA and PopCap Games. We will all be hanging out in our EA Game Room where you can chat and play games with our devs.

BioWare team members scheduled to attend include Sheryl Chee, Mary Kirby, Karin Weekes, Melanie Fleming, Ann Lemay, Sylvia Feketekuty, Kris Schoneberg, Jessica Merizan, and Hilary Shapiro. The Game Room will be located in the basement at the north end of the WA State Conference Center.

But that’s not all! Sunday only, stop by our table in the Connections Room (level 1 of the Conference Center) to receive one-on-one mentoring sessions with the BioWare team.

We’re not done! BioWare will also be participating in The Family Who Games Together: Gaming with your Kids… AND Your Parents panel on Sunday at 2:00 PM in room LL2.

From GeekGirlConAs the first generation of gamers has become parents, the perceptions and definitions of games and families began to change quickly. Do gamer girls stop being gamers when they become moms? What about gamer dads? Did you get into games because of a parent? This panel will discuss the assumptions, perceptions, trials, and tribulations that come along with being a multi-generational gaming family.

GeekGirlCon is our last con of the 2013 season, and it’s going to be a blast. We hope to see you there!

Holly Conrad Debuts Female Inquisitor Cosplay from Dragon Age: Inquisition


At the end of August, Jessica Merizan and Holly Conrad appeared onstage during PAX Prime to help BioWare devs kick off the Dragon Age: Inquisition panel by revealing the first concept sketches of the female Inquisitor.

Since then, Holly has been hard at work creating a costume to bring the look and feel of the female Inquisitor to life. We were so excited that Holly could join us at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo in September to debut the completed outfit!

Following the expo, Holly was gracious enough to answer some questions about her involvement with the female Inquisitor’s concept.


[BioWare]: Holly, you didn’t just make a female Inquisitor costume—you actually worked with DA:I’s Lead Concept Artist Matt Rhodes on her in-game outfit design. What was that process like?

[Holly Conrad]: It was awesome! Matt is one of my artist heroes, and getting to work with him was such an honor. We went back and forth on the overall look of the character, making sure that if I did any tweaks, it would still keep the same silhouette, etc.  And I talked about aspects that I thought could be altered slightly to work better in the real world. I think I could talk forever about translating drawn or 3D rendered costumes into the real world.

[BW]: What aspect of the female Inquisitor’s design did you feel was the most important to address?

[HC]: I really like to be able to keep a female character armored properly so they can take a hit, but can still maintain a silhouette that’s distinct from the male character. That was my goal with this character: to keep her really kickass and functional, but not just be a block of armor or a chainmail bikini.

[BW]: What did you use as inspiration for this design, and how did you find balance between fashion and function?

[HC]: Matt did all the initial fabric choices, design, etc. The concepting I did involved a lot of mobility issues, like changing the large material sash over the waist into a belt with pouches (because adventurers need pouches for gold and lyrium and other goodies, of course). I also made it so the coat could be brought in close to the waist, just making the look a bit slimmer.  I picked materials for the actual costume that were historically similar, like a linen shirt and wool coat.


[BW]: When you see the costume in person, you can see all the different layers and detail. How many pieces make up the entire outfit?

[HC]: Oh, man, lots. There’s eleven pieces of armor in total that snap/attach separately, including the helmet.

[BW]: Which part of the costume are you most proud of, and which part was most challenging?

[HC]: I’m really proud of just getting to have this experience and work with BioWare and Matt. It’s been so great and inspiring, and challenging for me as an artist as well. I’m proud that I had a small part in it. After that, it would for sure be the helmet. It’s actually patterned out of foam and not sculpted, which is something I haven’t done with helmets before, and it was super fun!

The most challenging part in the build was definitely the coat, since I’m more familiar with making armor. Thankfully, I found a wonderful seamstress (Samantha Terry of Double Monocle Cosplay) who created it for me. She did an amazing job, and the costume really came together thanks to her skills!

[BW]: Now that you’ve had the chance to wear the costume out in public, how would you describe your experience at Edmonton Expo (other than not being able to open water bottles)?

[HC]: Haha! Yes, in retrospect, I don’t think gauntlets were ever used for opening water bottles, so really it’s still realistic. I had an AMAZING time at the Expo and met so many wonderful people. They were all so interested in the costume and happy to see people visiting—it was really special.

Bringing a new character to life that no one has really gotten to encounter before is awesome, and has a kind of cool air of mystery about it. I can’t wait until we get to know the Inquisitor even better and see more cosplayers dressing us as him/her! I hope we can do it again next year!


Our sincerest thanks to Holly for finding the time in her busy schedule to hang out with us at Edmonton Expo and give attendees a preview of the female Inquisitor. She looked fantastic!