CMPUT 250: Winter 2013 Admissions

It’s that time of year again, and BioWare is proud to support another semester of CMPUT 250! The University of Alberta offers a fantastic course for students with a passion for video games, and the aspiration to create them. This course was built to provide a broad perspective and technical knowledge related to many aspects of gaming and game development. It brings together students from arts, sciences and engineering who work in teams building their own games as the term project.

BioWare believes whole-heartedly in this program, and our staff participates in many aspects of CMPUT 250. From lectures to Q & A sessions to BioWare tours to critiquing student-made game trailers, students receive expert guidance and advice from various members of our team, spanning a wide range of departments and specialties.

More information about CMPUT 250 can be found HERE

Admissions for the Winter 2013 section are open now. APPLY ON-LINE

Good luck to everyone, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Your hard work and dedication will shape the future of game design.