Concerned Batarians Explain that Medigel Works on Them, Too – Alliance News Network

Firebase: Hydra — In response to perceived misunderstandings, elite troops from the now-defunct Batarian Hegemony have issued an official dictate making it clear that medigel works normally on their species, and should in fact be used on injured batarian fighters.

“We are pleased to join the galaxy in the fight against the Reapers, as well as Cerberus and geth forces,” explained Squad Commander Shar’lak Gurek, spokesman for the insular, xenophobic race that had been preparing for war with the Alliance before falling to Reaper forces. “And to better serve in that fight, we wish to clarify that applying medigel will absolutely help us regain consciousness when we are lying bleeding on the ground.”

Gurek also noted that batarian technology and culture is not so different from those of other species. “Many of our new allies in this great struggle seem to think that batarians view warnings about incoming banshees as an insult — nothing could be further from the truth, and it would be great if people could let us know when one of those was standing right behind us. There’s also a rumor that our kinetic barriers are thermally charged, and thus we actually benefit from being hit by a geth pyro’s flamethrower. We’re honestly not sure where that one came from.”

Admiral Peter Mikhailovich issued a public statement of support for the batarian fighters: “As we fight for survival, we must give all due respect to our new allies,” said the veteran of the Skyllian Blitz. “These warriors are fighting alongside races they had once declared undying hatred for, and doing so without the slaves to treat their injuries, as they were accustomed to. They wish to prove that they can shoulder any burden and fight any opposing force, no matter how horrific the casualties they will incur doing so. We owe them that chance.”

Alliance soldiers responded positively to the clarification. “You know, I honestly didn’t think that batarians bled the way we did,” admitted Lieutenant Girard, currently recovering from a fight against Reaper forces on Noveria. “But then, I’ve only really seen them that one time, on Mindoir. Definitely, though, provided I’ve got enough medigel, and that the mission won’t be compromised by me trying to give first aid during a firefight, I’ll be sure to use that medigel on our new friends from Khar’shan. Just as soon as I’m done helping any injured salarians, turians, drell, asari, krogan, quarians, or geth.”