Explorers Wanted, Explorers Found

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For the winners of the Explorers Wanted Contest, Cari Scholtens and Kyle Land, their trip to visit a recording studio was also a unique opportunity for them to send their voices to Andromeda.

Winners Kyle (left), Cari (right), and Voice Over Director Caroline (center).

After consideration of more than 16,000 entries, Cari and Kyle secured their golden tickets to our recording studio in Los Angeles. We flew them out to show them how voice recording works, then they stepped inside the booth themselves.

With the guidance of our voiceover director Caroline, they performed admirably, laying down some new voices for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Tom Taylorson and Fryda Wolff, the voices of Scott and Sara Ryder, made an appearance for moral support.

The winners, flanked by Tom (left) and Fryda (right).

While their trip was short, the experience was memorable and the exciting results are yet to come. Curious to hear what Cari and Kyle’s voices sound like in the game? You’ll have to wait until March 21st.

Here’s Cari and Kyle in the booth:


We’re grateful to everyone who submitted an entry to the Explorers Wanted Contest. Thank you for making it a success, and to Cari and Kyle for lending their voices.