BioWare Goose Cam

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In Canada, a sure sign of spring is the nest of a Canada goose. After spending the winter in the warmer south, these migratory birds make their way back north to lay their eggs to raise the next generation of goslings. BioWare Edmonton is often visited by a couple of geese in the spring; for a few days, Twitter is awash with pictures of our favorite visitors. This year, the cheeky pair have chosen the roof of the BioWare Edmonton studio for their nest, just outside of the window of Development Manager Robyn Theberge.

Ganders, the female, sits on her nest atop the studio, patiently incubating her eggs while her hubby the Arishonk protects the nest from a distance. How many eggs did Ganders lay? When will they hatch? Do geese like Mass Effect? From 1-10, how cute is a baby goose? To satisfy our desperate need to answer these questions, we’ve set up the BioWare Goose Cam, which will monitor Ganders 24/7 as she tends to her nest. We hope you watch it too.

If you’ve enjoyed keeping updated on Ganders and her nest, or are a believer in responsible environmental stewardship, consider donating to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton. The WRSE is a non-profit organization that contributes to environmental stewardship by providing care for injured and orphaned wildlife in the Edmonton area.

Happy goose watching!