In Case You Missed It #6

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Welcome to “In Case You Missed It,” a biweekly recap of the latest and greatest floating around the BioWare social media universe.

On August 11th, we gave you The Descent, the next piece of story content for Inquisition:

Make sure you’re flush with torches, because you’ll need them down there.

Fans reacted:

Congratulations to the winners of the signed Magekiller prints:

Coming in December, Magekiller will be written by Greg Rucka and take place in Tevinter. Juicy!

When a cake becomes art, does one eat it?

Let’s hope whoever tries to take a bite out of this Grunt cake doesn’t get a head butt.

A Thresher Maw straight from Tuchanka:

Kalros would be proud.

That’s it, folks. Tweet us with photos, screencaps, anything BioWare-related that you think is cool, and we might include it in future installments.