Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 5 Notes

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dai-Bog1The upcoming Patch 5 for Dragon Age: Inquisition contains a number of improvements to gameplay and stability, as well as some new features. We’ve added party storage and the item tinter to the Undercroft at Skyhold and the ability to adjust the size of subtitles.

Below you will find a full list of changes and additions for all systems.

PC Specific: While we’ve added the ability to toggle mouse look, this feature is still under development and does not act optimally under all conditions. We are continuing to work on this feature to improve it for future releases.

Please note that the Black Emporium is not part of the patch 5 release. Thanks to the excellent feedback we received from the people in our beta program, we are continuing to work on this feature.

For patch notes in other languages, click here.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition 1.06
Fixed the walk toggle to be framerate independent.
Fixed an issue that allowed characters to take damage while using the Counterstrike ability.
Updated abilities to function correctly with front armor rating.
Fixed the Charging Bull ability so that AI-controlled characters no longer overshoot their target.
Removed the initial barrier that spellbinders receive when spawned.
Added an option to control the font size of subtitles.
Improved archer AI so that they choose to enter melee combat less often.
Fixed the save game card image for elf mages.
Removed the connection between mesh quality and shader quality and added a Shader Quality setting to the Graphics options.
Fixed an issue that caused certain operations to disappear from the war table without direct player interaction.
Fixed a crash after use of a Tactician’s Renewal amulet in Skyhold.
Fixed a conversation where Leliana references being with the Warden to face the Archdemon when she was set to have died in the imported Dragon Age Keep world state.
Fixed a case where movement audio was muted after a level transition.
Fixed a case where music unintentionally played after a level transition.
Fixed a loot exploit.
Fixed a case where the Quarry Quandry quest could be prevented from being completed.
Added party storage to the Undercroft in Skyhold.
Added item tinter to the Undercroft in Skyhold.
Fixed terrain patches popping while moving on low and medium settings.
Prevented a change to the Gamepad control scheme if a compatible gamepad is not connected.
Allowed changing the control scheme to Mouse + Keyboard when a compatible gamepad is not connected.
Temporarily change to the Mouse + Keyboard control scheme when a compatible gamepad is not connected, but Gamepad is the selected control scheme.
Improved stability.
Fixed the True Grit perk to apply to all party members.
Fixed flickering terrain when using SLI/Crossfire.
Fixed the issue where Qunari Inquisitors were able to equip the Inquisition Battlemage armor.
Single-player only: implemented auto-attack with mouse and keyboard controls, with a new key binding created for this purpose.
Fixed an exploit where certain abilities could be used multiple times before the cooldown was started.
Fixed an exploit with Explosive Shot where indirect hits were not causing the ability to cool down and reduce stamina.
Fixed cases of the new-item icon appearing on old items after salvaging in multiplayer.
Added an Option to increase the maximum zoom level when using the Tactical Camera.