The Dragon Egg Hunt’s Fateful Conclusion

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Over the past year, you, the brave Scouts of the Inquisition, have worked hard to stop dragon eggs from falling into the wrong hands. You completed tasks that tested your patience, dexterity, and wit, all to protect Thedas from a growing evil that lurks in the shadows. But what is the nature of that threat?

To find out, you visited a Rivaini seer. She consulted the spirits and drew from a tarot deck. The dragon eggs, she said, could be used for a dark ritual by a mysterious villain. Before you she lays cards for 12 agents of the Inquisition, telling you that this villain holds the same powers of one of the heroes you know and trust. The answer is in the cards!

Inquisition Scouts, this is your penultimate challenge. Use these tarot cards to unlock the final secrets of the Dragon Age Egg Hunt.

Conclusion-strip-1Conclusion-strip-2 Conclusion-strip-3

But wait: there is one last step. Now that you’ve solved those three answers, you can use all of your previous answers to find out what you deserve for protecting the world. In case you missed some of our earlier puzzles, you can find the solutions for all of them below. However, to protect these secrets from prying eyes, we have encoded the answers.

The answers so far:

Nevarra: LRWFQA

Dwarves: NGQCW

Circle of Magi: WGQNRWLFACGQ

Qunari: MLFPGQ

Antiva: NORBB


Ferelden: AEQCWN

Chantry: GLFWBRN


Elves: AGX

Orlais: YFLGQ


Anderfels: LENR

Seekers of Truth: FLMRQA


Grey Wardens: CQPGA

Rivain: NALCSR


Adding in the three answers to the seer’s puzzle, you should be able to get seven letters. Unscramble them to discover what the Inquisition will give you for your efforts.

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From all of us here at BioWare and Lone Shark Games, thanks for playing the Dragon Egg Hunt this past year. We hope you enjoy Dragon Age: Inquisition.