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Hey everyone!

Community Manager Jessica Merizan here to talk about the future of the blog! We’re taking a new direction and this space will act as the community hub for everything going on in the BioWare world. You’ll find daily content from all corners of the internet and special features from our developers to keep you up to date. Soon, you will start seeing more developer interviews, Q&As, behind-the-scenes studio features, event coverage, and spoiler free content from our past and upcoming games!

But to make this blog more reflective of our community, we want your input. Every week, we want to showcase the best art, costumes, crafts, music, and more that come from our talented and clever fans. Send us tips or submissions to “community at bioware dot com”. This can include final products as well as tutorials/instructables to teach us all how to bring a little more Mass Effect and Dragon Age into our lives! Remember to use the subject line “Community Spotlight” or “Community Tutorial” in your email to get our attention!

You might also notice that the look of the blog is a bit sparse. Since we want this blog to truly reflect you and everything you love about our games, we’re opening a challenge to re-design the BioWare blog. Send screenshots of your entry to the above email account by January 3rd to be considered. Prize includes recognition for the design, community spotlight interview on the blog (with links to your deviantart/portfolio), and $250 gift certificate to the BioWare store.

Winning entries will show passion in their design with an understanding of BioWare games and what makes our studio special. They will also consider overall color matching, typography, and clear navigation – demonstrating a design that keeps readers in mind.

We’re looking forward to judging blog designs with great interface, graphic appeal, and personalities as unique as you.

Send your spotlight suggestions, tutorials, and designs to “community at bioware dot com” and we’ll see you on the blog!
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