BioWare Halloween Costume Gallery

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I am declaring Halloween the gamer holiday right here and now. Despite the long and evolving history of the annual event I feel it belongs to the gaming community and always will. Scaring your friends, suspension of disbelief, junk food, and dressing up like someone or something else seems right up our collective alley. A group that invests time, energy and near-hysterical passion into an activity that, at it’s core, is exploring a fantasy world, experiencing a story and putting yourself into the shoes of a hero or villain has to connect with Halloween in some way.

Plus, it’s the only day of the year you can wear a costume and walk down the street without being tackled by authorities.

On to the BioWare staff costume gallery. Check back over the course of today as more and more costume photos are added.

-Jay Watamaniuk, Community Manager