What Does N7 Mean to You?

Normandy (1024x1024)With fall on our doorsteps and the long dark Canadian winter not far off, we here at BioWare are always on the lookout for bright spots to get us through the next few frigid months. That’s is why this N7 Day, we want to hear about what the iconic symbol means to you. Whether you got a tattoo or a bumper sticker, met your spouse, or named your kid Tali, we want to know how N7 has impacted your life.

Each year at cons and events, we hear countless stories from fans that make us laugh, cry, and appreciate how much Shep and crew mean to our fans. But as much as we’d like to, we can’t be everywhere, and we can’t meet everyone. That’s why we’d love it if you took the opportunity to put together a video on what N7 means to you and share it with us using the hashtag #N7Day14.

We’ve got plenty more up our sleeves for N7 Day, so stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

For more inspiration, check out this video on the amazing fan art wall we built in our Montréal studio.

Another Pic on the Wall

It’s no secret that we feed off the love and enthusiasm of our fans. You might even call us fanpires—wait, no, don’t call us that.

And because there’s so much fantastic artwork, cosplay, stories, and countless other projects that people like you are doing out there, we wanted a way to showcase it in our studios. We decided to build a wall dedicated to fan art in our Montréal studio, where they are currently developing the next Mass Effect. And while it may only be seven feet high and a couple feet wide, this busy section of hallway serves as a constant source of motivation for our team.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project and to all of you who continue to inspire us.

BioWare at Edmonton Expo



With September drawing to a close, it can only mean one thing: Edmonton Expo! We’re excited to return this year and bring the BioWare experience to the Edmonton Expo Centre. With Edmonton Expo happening (almost literally) in our own backyard, we’ve got a full slate of appearances scheduled at our booth (Hall C: booths 1259, 1260, 1359, 1360), as well as several panels for you to attend during the show.


Friday, September 26, 2014

3:00pm-5:30pm – BioWare Booth

Signing: Meet Jennifer Chan and Nolan Cunningham

5:00pm-5:45pm – Room 105-106

Panel: A Day in the Life of BioWare with panelists Amy Fraser, Rob deMontarnal, Shanda Wood, Jon Warner, Tulay McNally, and Conal Pierse.

5:30pm-8:00pm – BioWare Booth

Signing: Meet Jennifer Cheverie, David Mergele, and Brian Almquist


Saturday, September 27, 2014

10:00am-1:00pm – BioWare Booth

Signing: Meet Robyn Theberge, Luke Kristjanson, and Thomas Perlinksi

1:00pm-4:00pm – BioWare Booth

Signing: Meet Arone Le Bray, Amelia Von Haden, and Jason Baxter

2:45pm-3:30pm – Room 105-106

Panel: Behind the Scenes of Dragon Age Online Department with panelists Fernando Melo, Renata Cronin, Jeremy Smereka, Jeff Roussell, Justin Edmond, Leah Shinkewski, Ryan Warden, and Conal Pierse

4:00pm-7:00pm – BioWare Booth

Signing: Meet Mel Fleming, Steve Middleton, and Richard Boisvert


Sunday, September 28, 2014

10:00am-12:30pm – BioWare Booth

Signing: Meet Reid Buckmaster, Sheryl Chee, and Andre Santos

11:15am-12:00pm – Hall D

Panel: Dragon Age: Preparing for the Impending Inquisition with panelists Mark Darrah, Mike Laidlaw, David Gaider, Cameron Lee, Matt Rhodes, and Conal Pierse.

12:30pm-2:30pm – BioWare Booth

Signing: Meet Carlos Arancibia, Mike Webb, and Kevin Ng

2:30pm-5:00pm – BioWare Booth

Signing: Meet Sebastian Hanlon, Ashley Matheson, and Michael Liaw

That’s not all! The Dragon Egg Hunt continues with our friends from Loneshark Games and will be running all throughout the show. Make sure you stop by and take a crack at the latest challenge for a chance to win cool prizes.

Hope to see you there!

Dragon Age Keep Features Reveal at PAX Prime

Learn how the Dragon Age Keep works and discover some of its key features. In this presentation from PAX Prime 2014, developers Fernando Melo, Leah Shinkewski, and Justin Edmond discuss how the online platform works to get your game ready for Dragon Age: Inquisition.
For more information on the Keep, check out our FAQ at: http://forum.bioware.com/topic/510457-dragon-age-keep-faqs/

Les Oeufs de Dragon à Comiccon de Montréal!

EggHuntLogoThe Dragon Egg Hunt tore through Montreal Comiccon this month, with Dragon Age fans braving bilingual puzzles in both French and English. So before we move on to the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, let’s take a look back at the Montreal Hunt.

The Templars Mage Egg required Inquisition scouts to identify mages from scrambled quotes.

For the Orlais Warrior Egg, players had to decipher a single word spelled out over five ornate masks.BW_masks

Orlais is the most powerful nation in Thedas, and Empress Celene rules from the capital city of Val Royeaux—also the center of the Chantry’s power. Here, the lines between the nobility and the common folk are starkly drawn. Among its famed excesses, the Orlesian noble class wears extravagant masks in public; the colors and designs indicate a family’s lineage. Here you will find five masks, whose ornateness colors the perceptions of those they interact with. Their initial letters will spell your answer.
Here’s a hint if you’re trying to solve this: remember where this puzzle was held.

The Elves Rogue Egg was a hidden maze that had to be experienced to be believed.

In centuries past, the elves of Thedas were slaves of the Tevinter Imperium. Andraste helped the elves win their freedom, but it was not to last, and their new homeland was destroyed. Today, those who do not live in city ghettos now wander Thedas as nomads. Though slavery is technically illegal, it continues to thrive—particularly in the Tevinter Imperium. As an Inquisition Scout, you helped a band of elves escape from Tevinter slavers. Now you must lead them to freedom through a dark maze. The good news is that the elves can see in the dark; the bad news is that you can’t. To find the path, you will be given a maze that you cannot see. Find your way through the maze using your finger to trace your path, and with your other hand draw the correct path on a piece of paper. If you do that successfully, an elf will tell you the word that indicates the way out.
When players navigated the maze in the dark, they were told the word TOP.

Those are the puzzles from Montreal.

Next stop, our home convention of the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo.