Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 7 Notes

For patch notes in other languages, click here. ============================== Dragon Age™: Inquisition Patch 7 ============================== [PC] Added new feature that allows users to sheathe and unsheathe their weapons. This feature can be accessed via the key-binding screen. [PC] Fixed an issue which could result in fog looking wrong when running SLI/Crossfire configurations [PC] Fixed an […]


Short Story: Paper & Steel

On May 12, we release unto the world of Earth the second volume of the World of Thedas. It’s a hefty tome of some 311 pages, lovingly penned and drawn by the Dragon Age writing and concept art teams. In it, you’ll find an ultimate authority on myriad colorful characters, both legendary and contemporary, who […]


Keeping Up With the Keep

The Dragon Age Keep is all about letting you shape and share your Dragon Age experience the way you see fit, and we have been listening to your feedback on how to make it better. In our latest release, we introduce a number of features that give you more customizability and control over your Dragon […]


Discovering Video Games at GDX

On April 25, the Game Discovery Exhibition (GDX) will descend on the University of Alberta for a celebration of all things video games. Organized by students in the University of Alberta Video Game Artwork and Design Club (VGAD), GDX is the first event of its kind in Edmonton to bring students, businesses, and organizations interested […]


Cullen Character Kit

Having joined the Templar Order as a youth, Cullen’s path to service was natural destiny—though he could never have predicted where that destiny might lead. Above all, Cullen values order and a duty to those he’s sworn to protect. When the templars failed to embody those ideals, his path was forever altered. The Breach opened, […]

Steve Valentine

Heroes, Villains, and Alistair in Between

Behind Alistair’s candid earnestness lies a conflicted character. Steve Valentine, Alistair’s voice actor, shares his thoughts on the man who might be king of Ferelden. As it turns out, there’s plenty more to Alistair than witty one-liners and great hair.

Leliana Character Kit

Leliana Character Kit

As the Inquisition’s spymaster, Leliana deals in secrets. Suspicious and deliberate, she chooses her allies carefully, for she knows the sting of deception can be more painful than any dagger and that the opponents of the Divine are many. At times, diplomacy is a tiring exercise with too little reward. Leliana is quick to move […]