Celebrate With BioWare in New York

We’re having a party in New York, and you’re invited. On October 10th at 9pm, join us for a special one-night-only event at Game Pub/Black Tap celebrating the Inquisition GOTY edition. Meet the team, reminisce about your favorite Inquisition moments, and test your lore chops with a game of pub trivia. We’ll also have a […]


Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 11 Notes

In Patch 11 for Dragon Age: Inquisition, our efforts focused primarily on improving game stability and addressing bugs related to the Trespasser DLC. Multiplayer also saw some fixes, including the removal of single-player portraits appearing in multiplayer for some players. Red Lyrium Weapons, previously only available to players who completed the Quest for the Red […]


Join the Fight with Extra Life

You don’t have to be a Spectre to save a life. Help us here at BioWare provide care to sick children in our communities by supporting Extra Life. This year, the Extra Life marathon falls on N7 Day, which happens to be our favorite day on the Citadel. To celebrate, we’re hosting a marathon community […]

Alliance Normandy

Revisit the Galaxy Aboard a New Mass Effect Theme Park Attraction

You’ll soon be able to hop aboard Commander Shepard’s favorite ride at California’s Great America. BioWare is teaming up with Cedar Fair to create a dynamic 3D adventure set in the Mass Effect universe. The interactive ride, curated by a live performer, will take guests on a journey to a distant planet, where they will […]

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Excited for Edmonton Expo

Summer may be at an end, but con season isn’t finished yet: We’re pleased to again take part in the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo on September 25–27th. Stop by our booth at 3120-21 and 3220-21 to meet some of our developers, talk games, and get some swag signed. Planning to show up decked out […]


Blackwall Character Kit

As a Grey Warden, Blackwall forfeits living his own life for serving one of selfless duty. By fighting against the forces trying to tear down the world, he is rewarded with becoming part of a greater whole. And he would sooner sacrifice his very self than the cause he stands for. Blackwall dons a Grey […]


Short Story: The Riddle of Truth

Today we’re excited to give you The Riddle of Truth, a new short story by Joanna Berry. In Paper & Steel and Paying the Ferryman, Joanna gave some insight into two of Corypheus’ agents: Samson and Calpernia. In this story, we learn how the Great Game is played in the Orlesian Court. Indulge me. It’s a late spring day in […]