Coloring Age 2

Back in February, we gave you some line art from Dragon Age: Inquisition to color. Many of you picked up your colored pencils and scribbled away, so we’re sharing some more pages. Tweet at us with your masterpieces and we’ll retweet our favorites. Now go forth and bring color to Thedas! Missed the original pages? You can find […]


BioWare Goose Cam

In Canada, a sure sign of spring is the nest of a Canada goose. After spending the winter in the warmer south, these migratory birds make their way back north to lay their eggs to raise the next generation of goslings. BioWare Edmonton is often visited by a couple of geese in the spring; for […]

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Ask BioWare #3

For the third installment of Ask BioWare, we respond to burning queries from @DannyBReviews, @LaraVakarian, @FakeName242, and @Wild_Morrigan. What are your answers? Let us know in the YouTube comments!



Coffee and tea propel productivity in offices across the world, and BioWare is no exception to this rule. Behind each fresh brew is a vessel to contain these life-giving liquids. And when you use the same mug each morning, you start to get attached to it. Below is a small cross-section of some of our […]


True Stories of BioWare Heartbreak

Each year, countless BioWare players experience all the feels. These are their stories. Have a story you want to share? Tell us in the YouTube comments.


Fan Creation Feature: M-6 Carnifex Rubber Band Gun

The BioWare community sends us the coolest things. Travis Ng, an industrial design graduate from San Jose State University, created this one-of-a-kind rubber band gun based off the M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol from Mass Effect. Using sheets of birch wood and a laser cutter, Travis designed the pistol from the ground up, layer by layer. […]