The Dragon Egg Hunt’s Fateful Conclusion

Over the past year, you, the brave Scouts of the Inquisition, have worked hard to stop dragon eggs from falling into the wrong hands. You completed tasks that tested your patience, dexterity, and wit, all to protect Thedas from a growing evil that lurks in the shadows. But what is the nature of that threat? […]

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Inside the Temple of Dragons with Composer Trevor Morris

Enter the iconic Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, where award-winning composer, Trevor Morris, works with strings, brass, and choir to bring the music of Dragon Age: Inquisition to life. Trevor shares his process, inspiration, and what it’s like to create a brand new voice for an established franchise. Listen to the main theme for Dragon […]

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The Last Court is Now Available

Available now in the Dragon Age Keep, The Last Court is a very Failbettery game of lordship where you play as the ruler of Serault, an eclectic fiefdom at the farthest end of Orlais. As the Huntress or Scholar, you’ll guide the realm through its most crucial period in its history. Will its ancient Shame […]

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Creating a Very Special Level at BioWare Montreal

When Jackie contacted our BioWare Montréal studio looking for help proposing to her partner, Amy, the question wasn’t whether we could help, but what we could do to make it happen. Both are fans of the Mass Effect universe, and Jackie was hoping that there was a way for her to propose in-game, bringing together […]

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Happy N7 Day!

Happy N7 Day, everyone. Here’s a recap of everything that’s happened so far this week: Watch our N7 Day developer roundtable with creative director Mac Walters, studio director for BioWare Montréal Yanick Roy, producer Mike Gamble, senior development director Chris Wynn, and producer Fabrice Condominas. Read the bios of some of our team leads for […]

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Introducing Some Dev Team Leads for the Next Mass Effect

Introduction from Aaryn Flynn, Studio GM, BioWare Edmonton & Montréal When I think of us making the next Mass Effect game, my head spins. In some ways, things have changed greatly in the past few years: we wrapped up the Mass Effect Trilogy (an almost 10-year endeavor), we adopted new technology in the Frostbite engine, […]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Gone Gold

From Mark Darrah, Dragon Age Executive Producer: I’m excited to announce that Dragon Age: Inquisition has gone gold on all platforms! This milestone is a testament to the hard work of the developers (and their families!) who put so much into this game, and took on every challenge that was put before them. That we’ve […]

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